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Kinstillatory Mappings in Light and Dark Matter is a way of being and a way of making. It is research and process as ceremony. It is dance. It is writing about dance. It will be shared in process as dance, as public gatherings around fires and food, Long Table conversations, essays, stories, classes and other activations. It is Emily Johnson, Karyn Recollet, and Dr. Mique'l Dangeli individually and collectively bringing Indigenous dance practice, making, and theory into view(s).

Our techniques and intentions center Indigenous protocol and knowledge; some of which are learnt and some of which come from our particular ways of being together as sisters, as colleagues, as council. We transmute through Indigenous research and process. We enact ceremony through this research and process and we work beyond definitive borders of discipline, colonial geography, and time. Decolonial practices of embodiment - including space and time travel - are part of our work, our sharing, and our making as we build connections to ground, to ancestors, to future - all of which becomes boundless up to sky. We accept a radical relationship to futurity including a deep connection to past and ancestry as well as generations not yet born. We manifest what we know and what we know is possible.


Our techniques (in dance, writing, theory, teaching, activism) work

-to counter perceived invisibility (of Indigeneity)

-in the continuance of aesthetic, tradition, and ceremony (calling upon but not limited to our Indigenous heritages)

-through research and process as ceremony

-as radical decolonial love