landMARK 24 Hours at the Stone Arch Bridge


Local Strategy is the collaborative effort of a multidisciplinary team of artists from Minneapolis, New York, and Seattle. Lisa D'Amour, Katie Pearl, Emily Johnson, Eleanor Savage, Krista Kelley Walsh, and Joel Pickard are a playwright, director, choreographer, video artists, visual artist, and musician, respectively, who work together in public spaces. Together, in 2005, they created LandMARK: 24 Hours at the Stone Arch Bridge as a method to awaken and shift people’s perception of this old railroad-turned-pedestrian bridge across the Mississippi River.  We thought of ourselves, and the performances and installations we were making, as another 24-hour cycle of energy for the day, moving in sync with the cycles of light, water, and sound in constant motion at the site.

LandMARK was awarded Best Site Specifc Performance
by Minneapolis City Pages

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