Nearness is not closeness. While intimacy grows in both, nearness lacks the implication of togetherness in closeness. We began with a frank recognition of our nearness as artists and people We set out to be near each other with our current interests, ideas, movement, practices, and vulnerabilities. From this co-mingling and a direct intention to influence each other, we danced. We invited you to be near us. And you accepted. - Emily and Colin


"Where will they spit their minty froth? the drain sent me to Gober-land: north and west of this intersection is a pristine metal drain in a white wall. in winter your lips would stick to to it. also a waxy, sparsely hairy ("don't be jealous") 1/2 male 1/2 female (boogie!) torso in a plastic crate. the inside of emily's and colin's bodies sought the inside of the city. dampness meets dampness."

A selection from Kristin Van Loon's writing in watcher-reader. Watcher-reader is a project of Hijack - the choreographic collaboration of Kristin Van Loon and Arwen Wilder


Created and performed by
Emily Johnson and Colin Rusch

Curated by
Sean Smuda at the Shoebox Gallery

Installation by
Jenny Schmid