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SHORE in Dᶻidᶻelaľic̆/ Dkhw'Duw'Absh (Seattle)

SHORE is the third in a trilogy of works that began with the New York Dance and Performance "Bessie" award-winning The Thank-you Bar and continued with the ten-city tour of Niicugni

SHORE expands beyond the theater into the world. Over the course of a week, SHORE includes four equal parts: COMMUNITY ACTION (volunteerism) in partnership with community organizations; STORY (a curated reading); PERFORMANCE that begins outdoors and moves into a theater; and a festive, culminating potluck FEAST to which participants bring the stories and recipes of the dishes they bring to share.

"I embrace SHORE’s humble directives—take action; listen to one another’s stories; open your heart to dreams, dance, and song; feed one another; come together and celebrate—practice being in community." - Eleanor Savage, SHORE Essay

SHORE: Story (curated reading)

Sunday, October 11, 7pm
Hugo House
1634 11th Ave,
Seattle, WA 98122
Free, registration requested
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Presented in partnership with Emily Johnson/Catalyst, On the Boards and Hugo House

Local authors and their Stories. Stories. Stories. Let's listen. Curated by Emily Johnson, featuring Quenton Baker, Margot Kahn Case, Roger Fernandez, Shin Yu Pai, Juliet Waller Pruzan, Hugo House Summer Scribes, and Red Eagle Soaring. 

SHORE: Community Action (volunteerism)

In service of Indigenous People's Day Celebration at Daybreak Star Cultural Center.
Monday, October 12, 12pm-10:30pm
Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center
5011 Bernie Whitebear Way
Seattle, WA 98199
Free, registration requested
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Presented in partnership with Emily Johnson/Catalyst, On the Boards and Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center

This is Seattle's Second Annual Indigenous Peoples' Day Celebration at the historic Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center! Last year, the Seattle Native community was successful in getting the City of Seattle to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day in Seattle.  On October 12th we celebrate our Native and Indigenous cultures with Aztec dancers, Tlinigit singers, round dancing and more!

Volunteer to support. Sign up for a specific time/activity or help out all day!

12:00 - 3:00pm
Weeding and caretaking of the indigenous plants in the Bernie Whitebear Botanical Garden (please bring gardening gloves and trowels)

3:00 - 5:00pm
Set up Daybreak Star for 300 guests

5:00pm - 6:00pm
Serving dinner to elders and public

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM,
Cultural Performances
No volunteers needed, all are welcome to attend!

9:00 - 10:30pm
Clean up

SHORE: Performance

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Oct 15-17, 8pm
On The Boards Mainstage
100 W Roy St
Seattle, WA 98119

Presented in partnership with Emily Johnson/Catalyst and On The Boards

We'll begin outside then walk together to the theater at On The Boards. SHORE: PERFORMANCE features Aretha Aoki, Margot Bassett, Emily Johnson, Krista Langberg, Julia Bither, The SHORE Choir, and a large local cast of dancers. Directed by Ain Gordon. 

The Dᶻidᶻelaľic̆  SHORE Choir: Colin Ernst, Maria Henandez, Nikolai Lesnikov,Colleen McNeary, Kate Pope, Rachel Kessler, Rafael/a Luna-Pizano, Roldy Ablao, Shannon Adkins

The Dᶻidᶻelaľic̆  Large Cast: Annamarie Bustion, Arlene Martin, Ella Mahler, Sabina Moe, Erin Johnson, Hilary Bowen, Kate O'Day, Lindsey Palmquist, LindsyAnne Owen, Petra Zanki

SHORE will begin at 8pm a block away from OtB (see map below) with an outdoor performance with local singers and dancers. We will talk together to the theater.


SHORE: Feast (celebratory potluck)

Sunday, October 18, 2-6pm
The Daybreak Star Cultural Center
5011 Bernie Whitebear Way,
Seattle, WA 98199
Free, registration requested
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Presented in partnership with Emily Johnson/Catalyst, On the Boards and The Daybreak Star Cultural Center

Gather with us for a potluck feast! Join us for a shared performances by Red Eagle Soaring and Storyteller Roger Fernandez. We will be led on an art tour of the center's permanent collection and herb walk around the Bernie Whitebear Botanical Gardens. Take part in salmon-skin sewing demonstration and Salmon egg paint-making. Bring a dish to share! Bring your dishes, forks and spoons! Recipes, photos and stories will be collected in handmade zines that will be mailed to all attendees of Feast. 

Earlier Event: August 2
SHORE in Yelamu (San Francisco)