Then A Cunning Voice and A Night We Spend Gazing At Stars (Stargazing)

Photo by: Jonathan Godoy

Photo by: Jonathan Godoy

THEN A CUNNING VOICE AND A NIGHT WE SPEND GAZING AT STARS is a multi-year project dedicated to building an all-night outdoor performance gathering. The work includes in equal measure: making quilts, performance, storytelling, song, and a night outdoors under the sky. It relies upon people coming together to voice intentions, witness, work, experience time, rest, and imagine.

This will be a night of restful unfolding and engaged citizenship. Simply put, we need to practice spending time together. In this practice we find kinship with each other and relationship between our bodies, land, sky and stars. In its most joyful intentions Then a Cunning Voice and A Night We Spend Gazing at Stars radically roots us in community so we can envision possibility. It is possible to end racism. It is possible to make a just and equitable world. It is not easy, but it is celebratory, to come together like this.

In the coming two years, join us as we hand-piece and stitch 84 quilts in Community Sewing Bees. Join us to walk as we research how to encourage rest for our eventual night of Stargazing.


August 18th 2017: New York City, NY
October 2017: San Fransisco, CA
May 2018: Melbourne, Australia
August 2018: Chicago, IL

(Specific Information TBD)