SHORE presented by Arts House

  • Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall 521 Queensberry Street North Melbourne, VIC, 3051 Australia

In SHORE: Performance Emily Johnson takes you by the hand and leads you through the city.

Starting in Narrm Melbourne’s iconic Royal Park and winding its way through North Melbourne to Arts House, SHORE: Performance merges the powerful pull of place and history with movement, installation, sound and voice to create a dreamlike, immersive, and multi-sensory experience of connection and yearning.

Johnson, joined by a 40-strong local choir and a large group of professional and community dancers, joyfully jolts us into the moment and asks us to both grapple with, and give ourselves over to, the ever-shifting, uncertain and essentially communal process of identity-making. On an open, unmasked stage, the performance moves between the intimate and mythical, contemplative and frenetic, individual and communal, offering new ways of seeing, being and connecting.

Artist, shaman, trickster, creature – Johnson and her collaborators take on many forms. Dream, memory and history meet in this transcendent, mysteriously beautiful, and fiercely alive performance.