The Thank-you Bar in New York

Rehearsing with SO PERCUSSION

Rehearsing with SO PERCUSSION

We opened last night with a wonderfully warm crowd here in NYC.
The Thank -you Bar is housed beautifully on the New York Live Arts stage and I am honored to be here. We would love to share it with you!

Please come see the show!
Tickets: call the NYLA Box Office: 212.924.0077
Shows times:
Tonight (Thursday) 11/10 at 7:30 and 9:30pm
Friday 11/11 at 7:30 and 9:30pm
Saturday 11/12 at 5:00 and 7:30pm,  BLACKFISH concert at 9:00pm

Anna Marie Shogren did an interview with me on
Critcal Correspondence:

An excerpt:
Anna:  I am curious..working with a physical medium, do the ideas feed into each other? Do you feel like there was a different way of dealing with movement?

Emily: Often I will dance and I will try to put my mind somewhere else, and I will try to be back in Alaska. But, that’s too broad. I will find a specific place, or a specific time, or a specific visual landscape to do it in. A physical interaction between past and present, that’s obviously only actually present. But, somehow, for me at those times, it merges. It becomes where there isn’t that much space between past and present and future. I think that is the truth about our physical body, is that we are all those times at once. Maybe physical action is the only true place that you can find that sublime sense of time where it is all at once. I can be standing in Minneapolis but, I can also at the same time, with intention, be at my grandma’s house in Alaska or I could be in New York. Maybe talking about it makes it seem like that can’t be true, but it really is.

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While in New York
I've been rehearsing our NEW dance, Niicugni with the Amazing Aretha Aoki. I also spent a day rehearsing with SO PERCUSSION at their studio. We're working together on their new piece, Where We Live, for premiere in 2012.


BLACKFISH: 8CD Collection
Two weeks ago BLACKFISH (James Everest and Joel Pickard) released a gorgeous limited edition, letter-pressed, 8 CD collection of concert recordings from the past two years. Tallahassee, Homer, Tulsa, Portland, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Houston and Brattleboro.  You can listen at the BLACKFISH bandcamp site

Quyana-Thank you to EVERYONE who helped to make our fall fundraiser a success. Thank you for joining us, sending us your good wishes and supporting our work with your generous donations! 

Love from NY,