The Thank-you Bar Premiere

We enjoyed a wonderful, sold-out premiere tour of The Thank-you Bar in Alaska in October. BLACKFISH performed 4 concerts in conjunction with this tour (a new CD is forthcoming!) and we celebrated the opening of the related exhibit, This is Displacement: Native Artists Consider the Relationship Between Land and Identity. Thank you to all of the artists who were part of this exhibit and to our audiences in Anchorage and Homer!

I am happy we premiered in my home-land.
I am happy my grandma was at opening night.
I am happy we performed for the gutsy, deep-rooted audiences who came to see us and that the man who I thought was not enjoying the show brought his granddaughter back to see it the following night.
I am humbled by the listening eyes I saw and the new stories told to me.
I am excited about the strength of the Native artists in Alaska.
I am honored that the land welcomed me back.

Next up for the Thank-you Bar:
We next perform The Thank-you Bar at the New Genre Festival in Tulsa, Oklahoma March 5 & 6, 2010, along with friends Mondo Bizarro and Kristina Wong! Come to Tulsa!

Exciting news!!
Catalyst was recently awarded a touring grant from the New England Foundation for the Arts to help support the 2010 - 2011 touring season of The Thank-you Bar! I am working on setting up the tours now, so if you are interested in having The Thank-you Bar and its related activities come to your community/city/theater please contact me NOW as deadlines are approaching.

A new show opens THIS MONTH
This month Terrible Things premieres at PS 122 in New York City. Terrible Things is a collaboration between Pearldamour and Catalyst's Emily Johnson, performed by Katie Pearl, Emily Johnson, Karen Sherman, Morgan Thorson, Adrian Czmielewski and Rudy de la Cruz. Also look for Terrible Things at the COIL Festival at PS 122 in January, 2010.

Quyana, everyone.
Emily J.